• Ki ThoughtBridge's Constructive Conflict Management Tool Kit

    The Ki ThoughtBridge Constructive Conflict Management Tool Kit© empowers individuals and organizations by giving them an array of sophisticated conflict resolution tools (16 tools in all) which they can use to effectively diagnose, prevent and/or resolve conflict.  The kit lays out a sequential, four-step process for effective conflict management and resolution. Each step is accompanied by a set of tools which empower the parties to implement the advice they are given. 
  • Timescape©

    TimeScape© is a resource for leaders and facilitators who work in and with organizations undergoing change, transition, and transformation. It provides a depth process and an array of exercises that enable individuals and organizations to develop a shared understanding of their history, identity, and core values. TimeScape© builds group cohesiveness, connection, relationships, and trust which are essential in leading and change.
  • Getting Schools To Yes DVD Workshop

    Getting Schools To Yes, the DVD Workshop, can help you. Based on the negotiation concepts in the international best-selling book, Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton, this video demonstrates how to implement principled negotiations.