A Tool for Developing Adaptive Leadership
TimeScape© is a resource for leaders and facilitators who work in and with organizations undergoing change, transition, and transformation. It provides a depth process and an array of exercises that enable individuals and organizations to develop a shared understanding of their history, identity, and core values. TimeScape© builds group cohesiveness, connection, relationships, and trust which are essential in leading and change.

The timeline has been widely used with businesses, government, educational institutions, community leadership programs, civic organizations, nonprofit boards and their staff. Its use has been transformational and has strengthened the capacity to achieve corporate missions. The timeline provides a means of developing “the wide span of attention” Robert Greenleaf writes about in his essays on servant leadership, and enables leaders to step back from the press of their day-to-day responsibilities and gain the valued perspective that comes from seeing from a distance. The ability to see the whole and not just the parts of a situation or issue is an important adaptive skill of leadership.
The timeline is the primary and constant visual throughout the workshop. It reminds participants of the larger context of their experience and of the role they have in shaping it. It is a visual symbol and reminder that history is always being created – it is moving, organic, and alive and provides access to new insights and information that can help leaders lead more effectively and manage change more successfully.
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