Successfully Negotiating Transition


“Change will be negotiated, it will not be imposed.” William Bridges. That means leaders will need the ability to inspire trust and to influence and persuade those they lead.  Yet when organizations are in the transition phase (“The Gap”) of change, the level of organizational conflict increases. Fear, anxiety and ambiguity make constructive communication and collaboration and trust difficult, if not impossible. By equipping our clients with specific tools and processes like the History Timeline©, the Procedural Agreement©, the Ladder of Inference©, the Partisan Perceptions Tools© and the Seven Element Framework©, leaders are able to anticipate and manage the conflict and anxiety which are often impediments to successful change.

Related Case Study

Diocese of Pennsylvania
In subsequent monthly meetings over a year period, Ki ThoughtBridge worked to build the DTT into a solid team equipped with the adaptive skills needed to lead the effort, to communicate effectively with lay and clergy leaders and to develop a plan and process designed to achieve their goals.  

Client Testimonial
"It has been a great privilege to work with Katherine, Irma, and Jim. They have exhibited the high standard of professionalism throughout the inherent challenges in their work with the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Their integrity, ability to respond flexibility and adaptively, the breadth of their knowledge and experience, capacity for clear communication, and their compassion are remarkable."
The Very Reverend Judith Sullivan

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