Strategic Relationship Management


Today's organization exists within a network of external partners. If your organization is like many we know, you stand to gain more value from the strategic relationships you hold with your suppliers, customers, unions, joint ventures, or alliance partners. Ki ThoughtBridge can help you achieve that value through three areas of strategic relationship management:
1. Building Organizational Capacity
Ki ThoughtBridge's approach to strategic relationship management enables your internal staff to manage complex relationships, while consistently deriving the most value possible.
To build your organizational capacity for strategic relationship management, we will:
  • Identify the types of strategic relationships required to support your business objectives 
  • Determine organizations with whom you should forge relationships 
  • Develop standard models for managing your strategic relationships 
  • Analyze your current processes for managing strategic relationships  
  • Develop and implement new practices that fit your organization's needs and goals
2. Managing Specific Relationships
Your organization may already have strategic relationships in place through labor contracts, complex alliances, and key accounts. To ensure the most successful strategic relationships with individuals or groups outside your organization, we will help you address tough challenges such as:
  • Cross communication 
  • Differing values 
  • Dissimilar organizational cultures 
  • Competing positions and disguised interests
3. Developing Skills in Strategic Relationship Management
Ki ThoughtBridge's training services in strategic relationship management help relationship managers and negotiators change the manner by which they interact with difficult counterparts, and improve the results of their working relationships. We tailor learning experiences to the particular needs and challenges of your relationship managers. Blending time-tested exercises with custom-written cases, scenarios, applications, and review sessions, our consultants can help you apply systematic frameworks to your organization's specific relationship challenges.

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In 1999, the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel in the Webster Central School District (WCSD) and the President of the Webster Teachers’ Association (WTA) asked Ki ThoughtBridge to help their organizations prepare for contract negotiations.

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