The field of philanthropy is being challenged to lead, and philanthropic organizations are expanding their focus to include not only asset development, but also community development and leadership. Their work extends beyond providing grants to transforming cultures. The problems foundations are being asked to help solve require adaptive responses not just technical approaches. Ki ThoughtBridge is a resource to them in building trust, support, shared values, clarifying vision, mission and goals, and in increasing social capital and citizen participation in their communities. Through designing and delivering adaptive leadership programs for key constituents in the community Ki ThoughtBridge has helped foundations leverage their resources, expand the network of assistance, and tackle intransigent problems such as education reform, economic development, income disparity, intolerance, community lethargy, and persistent, unresolved conflicts.
Our work has been characterized as foundational to major community development initiatives.



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The community foundation, Incourage, requested Ki ThoughtBridge’s assistance in its efforts to live into an exemplary model of the future role of philanthropic institutions -- that of providing adaptive and transformational leadership of individuals, organizations and a whole community.

Client Testimonial
“I believe the adaptive skill training provided by Ki ThoughtBridge through the Advanced Leadership Institute was one of the most powerful programs in the Community Progress Initiative.  It taught people to relate to each other in new and different ways by fostering respect, civility, equity and inclusion – ultimately creating the trust required for new solutions to emerge.”  Kelly Lucas, President & CEO, Incourage

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