Organizational Development : The Inner Work of the Leader®


Leadership Development Training: The Inner Work of the Leader®

Authenticity as an individual often determines whether or not people will follow you. The Inner Work of the Leader®, takes leaders through a process of self-discovery that helps them identify their own leadership potential and develops a plan to reach individual and corporate goals. 

Using proven tools such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the MeyerSalovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, we assist individuals and groups to understand their own leadership style, abilities, and strengths. 
Leadership theory, research and practice reflect a huge shift in our understanding of leadership. Competence remains essential and character is being realized as equally important. The problems that leaders must address are complex and difficult ones. Those affected by these problems have multiple and differing perspectives, varying backgrounds and experiences, and are ethically, geographically, and culturally diverse. The skills needed are different, and the being of the leader becomes a highly valuable assets in any organization. Self-awareness and self-management come from inner work and inner work influences the degrees of emotional intelligence a leader has. 
Ki ThoughtBridge provides resources that help leaders improve their capacities to lead and the foundation begins with The Inner Work of the Leader®.



Realated Case Study

The community foundation, Incourage, requested Ki ThoughtBridge’s assistance in its efforts to live into an exemplary model of the future role of philanthropic institutions -- that of providing adaptive and transformational leadership of individuals, organizations and a whole community.

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