Negotiation : An Adaptive Skill of integrated Leadership


One to Three Day Negotiation Skill Building Workshops

How leaders in your organization negotiate greatly impact your organization's success. A critical labor-management dispute, licensing agreement, or sales negotiation may be a make-or-break experience at your organization. For this reason, it's in the organization's best interest to demand better returns on negotiations that expand resources and options in solving differences. 
At Ki ThoughtBridge, we have helped school districts, communities, governments, and businesses across the country to resolve difficult issues, reach consensus on important goals and people, and negotiate collective bargaining contracts. We work with clients to connect ideas and people to obtain powerful resultsTM, using The Seven Element Model©.

The Seven Element Model©



Related Case Study - Negotiation

In 1999, the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel in the Webster Central School District (WCSD) and the President of the Webster Teachers’ Association (WTA) asked Ki ThoughtBridge to help their organizations prepare for contract negotiations.

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