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Leading Highly Anxious Systems (Summit Session at the Systemic Leadership Summit)

Posted 1:46 PM
Katherine Tyler Scott recently presented at the 2019 Systemic Leadership Summit on the topic of “Leading Highly Anxious Systems.”  Her presentation received rave reviews from attendees: "The most engaging was the session with Katherine Tyler Scott - the idea of anxious systems was new to me but very relevant to my work." "Most inspired! Katherine put into words my own journey through life as a manager to show up every day with purpose, do inner work. Great in...
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Leading in Uncertainty

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Comments by Katherine Tyler Scott, Managing Partner, Ki ThoughtBridge, LLC; presented at Churchill College, Moller Centre, Cambridge University, October 10, 2017[1] Leaders are agents of change. They create it; initiate it; respond to it; implement and manage it. While none of this is news what is challenging is that they are facing a degree of change unparalleled in the history of humankind unless compared to the fourth and seventeenth centuries. The pace and complexity of change seems t...
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How Trust Works

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Once again I am drawn to the subject of trust the glue that holds everything together. What is Trust? According to IBM’s Institute for Knowledge Management researchers and authors, Daniel Z. Levin, Rob Cross, and Lisa Abrams it consists of two components – benevolence and competence. Researchers Roger C. Mayer, James H. Davis, and F. David Schoorman[1] identified a third component – reliability. We have developed a model that incorporates this research.  The Ki Th...
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Claiming a Different Kind of Leadership

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I have been interested in the subject of leadership for several decades and have been privileged to have had many opportunities to develop a number of national and state wide leadership education programs. The Lilly Endowment Leadership Education Program, a statewide initiative with a vision of making Indiana a hallmark state, noted for its programs and services to young adolescents, was one of them. During the selection process for Lilly Fellows I asked applicants one question they all s...
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Ten Antidotes for Non-Adaptive Leadership

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I am beginning to wonder whether politicians can be adaptive leaders. My observation is that too many of them pedal paranoia, cultivate distrust, and encourage either denial or distortion of facts. Debates devolve into a denigration of differences rather than a civil exploration and examination of complexity and the unknown. The impact on constituents is cynicism, intellectual laziness, projection and scapegoating. Rather than those following being encouraged to look within and deal with ...
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Change Is An Inside Job

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Change. Leaders predict and manage it; mobilize and lead it. Followers demand and deny it. The current clamor for change is influenced by a view of reality that the world is in a state of deterioration, disruption, and decline. Supporters of this view point to shrinking resources, increased poverty, violent conflict, and divisive rhetoric as a rationale. Others perceive the current world condition as being in an historic period of transition, a process of tremendous growth and transform...
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The Integrated Leader: A Matter of Trust

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Trust. This is a word we are hearing with increased frequency during this season of 2016 political campaigns. It reverberates throughout the rhetoric and analysis of those seeking office. The decline in trust in authority whether institutions or individuals is decades old. Perhaps its’ current prominence emanates from the fact that we are now intently focused on making decisions about local, state and national leadership, which many believe will be identity altering. We are faced w...
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The Seminal Skill in Adaptive Leadership: The Work of Building Trust

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One of the first things we learn in life is whether and how to trust someone else. Our experience with our caregivers tell us whether we can be safe and secure in a dependent relationship, whether the environment is loving or hostile, open or closed to our discomfort, affirming or rejecting of who we are, and whether our basic survival needs will be met without fear. What we learn in these first relationships of trust-holding remain with us for all of our lives. They are the building blocks...
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On Being an Adaptive Leader

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Leadership is not a stand-alone subject; there is always an introductory adjective in front of it.  Whatever the descriptor preceding leadership, the one element all of them have is that of authority, what I define as the capacity to influence others and change things. Leaders have authority, they use it as advocates and implementers of change, whether the locus of change is a system, a person, a culture or a community. Change emanates from the leader’s exercise of authority. I...
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The Missing Party: The Bridge Consultant

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I recently attended the 17th Annual Conference of the International Leadership Association (ILA), “Leading Across Borders and Generations,” in Barcelona, Spain. Over 1,000 practitioners, educators and scholars from 53 countries partook in a panoply of pre and post conference offerings, workshops, round table discussions, poster sessions, member meetings, and plenaries. If you are in the field of leadership ILA is a vital resource and network to which to belong.  One of th...
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