Joint Negotiation Training


Joint Labor Management Negotiation Training
When union and management negotiation teams have had a history of hostile, adversarial contract negotiations, and/or want to change the nature and culture of union/management working relationships, Ki ThoughtBridge will provide joint labor/management negotiation workshops. In those workshops, management and labor learn and use the same negotiation vocabulary, frameworks, processes, and tools. They also tackle past history and issues that have kept them from developing a collaborative working relationship. Joint Training Workshops range from three to five days. In the joint workshops, union and management negotiation teams: 
  • Learn and practice collaborative negotiation skills, tools and processes.
  • Improve trust, communication and the working relationship by addressing issues that could get in the way of effective negotiations before they sit down at the negotiating table. 
  • Develop ground rules, a plan, an agenda and timelines for their upcoming contract negotiations.

Related Case Study

In 1999, the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel in the Webster Central School District (WCSD) and the President of the Webster Teachers’ Association (WTA) asked Ki ThoughtBridge to help their organizations prepare for contract negotiations.

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