Implementing the Change in Culture


An organization can change its vision, its structure, its work processes, even its leadership, yet if it’s culture doesn’t change, no lasting change will occur. Organizational culture is the hardest thing to change and the last thing to change because so much of it is invisible and unconscious. To change the culture, leaders must make what is invisible and implicit, conscious and explicit. They must also invest in training and equipping their employees and leaders with the adaptive and technical skills needed to do the new behaviors required of them. Finally leaders must eliminate internal barriers to those new behaviors and build the support and systems of accountability needed to sustain the change. Ki ThoughtBridge equips leaders with the tools and processes needed to create the infrastructure for a successful and sustainable change in organizational culture. 

Related Case Study

Diocese of Pennsylvania
In subsequent monthly meetings over a year period, Ki ThoughtBridge worked to build the DTT into a solid team equipped with the adaptive skills needed to lead the effort, to communicate effectively with lay and clergy leaders and to develop a plan and process designed to achieve their goals.  

Client Testimonial
"It has been a great privilege to work with Katherine, Irma, and Jim. They have exhibited the high standard of professionalism throughout the inherent challenges in their work with the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Their integrity, ability to respond flexibility and adaptively, the breadth of their knowledge and experience, capacity for clear communication, and their compassion are remarkable."
The Very Reverend Judith Sullivan

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