Facilitation and Resolution of Disputes


Ki ThoughtBridge’s process invests in training the parties involved in the dispute first. Equipping our clients with the resources and skills needed to resolve conflict before placing them in a situation in which they must resolve real life conflict is the key to success. We train our clients and proved theoretical case studies in which they learn and further develop the ability to deal with differences. Building our clients competence and confidence precedes the next phase of our work – which is application of the tools and skills to a real situation they are facing.
We are often called into a situation in which millions of dollars have been spent in human and legal fees to no avail or minimal progress. When appropriate, and only after the training and preparation for conflict resolution has occurred, we may mediate multi-party disputes. Our approach increases trust and a level of respect that enables clients to sit down with one another and either reach agreement that satisfies the parties’ interests, or to choose an independent alternative that is best.

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