For over two decades Ki ThoughtBridge is the choice of school districts undergoing changes in leadership, in an executive position, or in governance. We have helped school boards function more effectively by helping them to develop processes, procedures, and policies that reflect clear values and preferences for collaborative decision-making and negotiation. 
Ki ThoughtBridge’s expertise in negotiation has been used to help school districts successfully negotiate a merger, provide joint labor/management training in interest based negotiations and facilitate teacher contract negotiations between school districts and unions.  Whether negotiating major school reform, or seeking to build or repair the working relationship between union and administration, Ki ThoughtBridge’s experience, tools and processes make them the choice of school districts across the nation.  
Whether working to resolve a dispute or to achieve excellence in performance and results, Ki ThoughtBridge is the source education leaders look to when equipping their organizations with the tools and resources that make them successful and that achieve sustainable outcomes.


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Corning Painted Post New York School Districts 

A fragmented school board's inability to unit to address major fiscal and facilities challenges facing its school put the quality of education for its students and community confidence in the board at risk.

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