Consultant Training


Program Development and Facilitation: 
Ki ThoughtBridge has developed leadership education and resources for schools, businesses, philanthropic organizations, and communities. We provide customized training to address an organization's specific challenges and needs. 
Ki ThoughtBridge’s philosophy is one that equips our clients with the knowledge, tools, and skills that we have developed. Our expectations and efforts are directed toward enabling them to use these resources internally and independently. We conduct intensive experiential training workshops that equip clients to accomplish this.
We have developed statewide, community, and organizational leadership development programs. We have trained and licensed individual leaders, consultant, and institutions in the use of our materials. We have worked with clients in numerous States and were instrumental in developing statewide leadership training programs in such places as Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Indiana. We frequently are staff at existing programs such as Harvard Principals Leadership Academy and Linkage, Inc.
Ki ThoughtBridge Principals have helped to design curricula for local and national organizations such as Community Leadership Programs, Girls, Inc. The Episcopal Church, Incourage Foundation, etc.


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