Ki ThoughtBridge enables business leaders to be more effective in inspiring employees to accomplish their goals effectively and efficiently. We provide the consulting and coaching and tools that equip leaders with ways to deal with fast paced change and complex problems.
We provide an integrated model of leadership that teaches leaders how to build effective teams and achieve desired results that are sustainable. We provide tools for resolving conflict and for leading change that build the businesses’ capacity to deal with issues before they reach crisis level and cause costly outcomes.
The more people in an organization who can articulate and own its guiding principles and core values the stronger the culture will be. These are the organizations that will not just survive; they will thrive. Ki ThoughtBridge helps businesses articulate and disseminate what is essential and what differentiates them from their completion. We help them define and deliver what is core to their identity and brand – the makers of excellence.


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Over a ten year period, Kodak’s Real Estate and Legal department’s attempts to negotiate the sale of its San Ramon distribution center had resulted in three failed agreements, and three lawsuits. Kodak decided a new approach to the negotiations was needed and hired Ki ThoughtBridge.

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