Ki ThoughtBridge Process


Our clients ask for assistance with a variety of challenges. Irrespective of the type of challenge our clients face, Ki ThoughtBridge uses the following process to consult with them and help them design a process to achieve their goals. 

During the process we interview and or survey all or a cross-section of those with whom we will be working to clarify the problems and the clients’ commitment and capacity to address them. The results of this diagnostic process include: 1) A diagnostic report that is shared with and thoroughly discussed with the client, 2) Specific recommendations to the client about how to address the challenges and goals the client identified, and 3) A custom designed training, facilitation or consultation for how we would work with the client.  Once this contract is clear Ki ThoughtBridge delivers the agreed upon services and conducts evaluation and follow up, so that there is an integration and mastery of the skills in the organization.

Related Case Study

Arthritis Foundation
The Arthritis Foundation needed to dramatically change its governance structure in order to remain a viable, competitive organization. Ki ThoughtBridge was brought in to help the learn how to resolve complex, contentious, divisive issues that could derail their attempt to redesign the organization. 



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