Negotiation and Mediation


Whether negotiating a merger, a sales contract or a compensation package, through training, consultation, and facilitation, Ki ThoughtBridge can help you and your organization maximize your return on each negotiation, while improving critical business relationships.  Ki ThoughtBridge services include:

  • Negotiation skill building workshops for individuals and teams
  • Joint training in negotiation skills for all parties to the negotiation
  • Preparation of individuals and teams for complex, multi-party negotiations 
  • Process design for complex, high stakes, multi-party, multi issue negotiations
  • Process observer and advisor to your negotiation team
  • Facilitate  a joint launch of negotiations
  • Facilitate the entire negotiation process to agreement
  • Neutral Facilitation of deadlocked negotiations
  • Assessment: Using a combination of diagnostics interviews, historical review and analysis observation, and targeted interviews, we examine both sides of a dispute to gather data, understand the differing perceptions, and identify the tough issues to be addressed in the negotiation.
Clients in the most divisive disputes have learned that the Ki ThoughtBridge negotiation tools, techniques, and experience  helps them achieve optimal results for all parties involved.

Related Case Study

In 1999, the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel in the Webster Central School District (WCSD) and the President of the Webster Teachers’ Association (WTA) asked Ki ThoughtBridge to help their organizations prepare for contract negotiations.

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