Conflict Resolution


An Adaptive Skill of Integrated Leadership

Conflict is a healthy by-product of putting any group of people together to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Conflict is only damaging when it is not addressed or managed in constructive ways. Research shows that groups that experience little or no conflict are less efficient, less innovative, and less committed to the work. The adaptive challenge for leaders is to learn to manage conflict in ways that release creativity and energy and move others toward constructive interest-based results.

Organizational change, planned or unplanned, creates conflict. It is an inherent part of the process and denial of this leads to less than optimum outcomes, wasted resources, damaged trust, and impaired relationships.

The Ki ThoughtBridge difference enables clients to resolve conflicts in non-divisive ways beginning with a depth assessment of what the issues are, what the culture and organizational capacity is of the organizations, and what the goals are to address the problem.
Leaders are equipped with tools and processes that lead to constructive problem solving. Through training of parties involved in a dispute. We jointly train key parties locked in adversarial positions and through the Seven Element Model of Negotiation© and Mediation improve their ability to achieve well-constructed win/win agreements.
Ki ThoughtBridge helps clients succeed in conflict resolution through:
• Culture Assessment: We assess your specific organizational culture surrounding conflict, to learn what internal factors may be preventing the achievement of effective conflict management and the accomplishment of desired goals.
Skill Development and Implementation: We equip leaders, managers, and staff with constructive conflict resolution tools, processes, and skills.
Negotiation and Mediation: We conduct joint training for key parties who view themselves as adversaries, but who must collaborate to resolve a conflict. We also can come into your organization as a neutral third party to mediate mergers, contract negotiations, and disputes.
Conflict Resolution Training: Ki ThoughtBridge's conflict resolution training will teach you the art and skill of conflict management, negotiation, and mediation. You will learn concepts and tools that help you hone your skills and increase your internal capacity to resolve differences constructively in the future.
Whether you are trying to improve working relationships, build your own capacity to manage future conflicts, implement a conflict resolution plan, or receive buy-in from key constituents on a tough issue, Ki ThoughtBridge can help you achieve the breakthrough you need.



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